"If they make a starter car in diecast, I can repaint it, change it, swap it or create the parts to match your car."

                                                                     -- MY Car in diecast

Yes I am a car guy.

After selling CDR I moved on to a used car business as a managing partner buying and selling just about everything in the automotive world. One of the highlights of this was my business partner buying the original, Batmobile, at Barrett-Jackson for $4.2 million dollars. Yes that is me with the huge grin sitting in it.

This is a Mustang I did for a customer.

5 years ago I replicated a customers Mustang, repainting it, restriping it, creating a new grill and modifying the exhaust and rear bumper to reflect his single exhaust. He was so impressed that 5 years later and a newer Mustang he talked me into replicating this one also.

American muscle, European sports cars even  promotional pieces, the possibilities are endless

If they make a starter vehicle in diecast then I can replicate your vehicle. Please note that I am not a manufacturer but a diecast car modifier with over 15 years in the industry.

My History

It all started in the late 90's when I started modifying 1/18 scale diecast cars to match the ones I really owned. They made many different diecast cars in many different colors but never ones that matched mine exactly. This led to my starting a company called, Custom Diecast Replicas and building a business modifying diecast vehicles for customers all over the world.

In the end that business was sold and is currently owned by my friend Jon Wood. I am not in this business to compete with CDR but to fill the small void where CDR either cannot replicate or are too booked to take on a project.

Over my 10 years owning CDR I replicated over 1000 customer vehicles, a couple hundred custom run cars for diecast dealers and over 2000 promotional pieces for companies around the country. Am I experienced ? You decide.

My pricing is slightly higher than CDR's and if you have talked with CDR and are trying to find a lower price I will not do the project. I will contact CDR on each project to make sure there is no pricing battle.

Above  is the diecast version of the real car on the right. The diecast car only comes in the correct color with a blue rear stripe and a blackout stripe on the hood. The car was completely disassembled, those stripes were removed and a new painted on white stripe and white, textured and seemed vinyl top was added. Before the car was delivered to the owner the Charger callout was also attached to each side of the roof. This is an example of how to change a diecast car to match a real car.